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Blue Spruce Award


The Blue Spruce Award is voted on by children ages 4 to 7 in kindergarten to grade two for their favourite picture book by a Canadian author.

indicates a review is available for that book


  • Robert Heidbreder, Bill Slavin, Esperança Melo – Drumheller Dinosaur Dance

Also shortlisted:

  • Dorothy Joan Harris, Kim LaFave – A Very Unusual Dog
  • Aubrey Davis, Dusan Petricic – Bagels from Benny
  • Lynn Manuel, Kasia Charko – Camels Always Do
  • Maxine Trottier, Brian Deines – Our Canadian Flag
  • Troy Wilson, Dean Griffiths – Perfect Man
  • Chieri Uegaki, Stéphane Jorisch – Suki's Kimono
  • Hazel Hutchins, Ruth Ohi – The Sidewalk Rescue
  • Sheryl McFarlane, Chrissie Wysotski – This is the Dog
  • Gilles Tibo, Bruno St-Aubin – Too Many Books!



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Added 21 March 2010.
Updated 21 March 2010.