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White Pine Award


The White Pine Award is voted on by students in high school for their favourite book by a Canadian author.

indicates a review is available for that book


  • Martine Leavitt – Keturah and Lord Death

Also shortlisted:

  • Susan Juby – Another Kind of Cowboy
  • William Bell – The Blue Helmet
  • Carrie Mac – The Droughtlanders: Book One in Triskelia Series
  • Lesley Choyce – The End of the World as We Know It
  • Heather Waldorf – Grist
  • Anosh Irani – The Song of Kahunsha
  • Don Aker – The Space Between
  • Holly Bennett – The Warrior’s Daughter
  • Guy Gavriel Kay – Ysabel



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Added 21 March 2010.
Updated 21 March 2010.