The Perfection of the Morning


Author: Sharon Butala

Published: 1994

About The Perfection of the Morning: Essays.

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Reviews of The Perfection of the Morning

Richard, Book Addiction, 4 November 2008
"It's a worthwhile read, especially for women of a certain age and persons of a certain persuasion - plus her prose is really quite lovely - but it's not a book I identify with."
B. Kienapple, A Certain Bent Appeal, 19 October 2009
"This 1994 memoir captured my heart a couple of years ago because of Butala's intense spiritual devotion to her home, a cattle ranch in southwest Saskatchewan."
Andrew Johnson, From Seed to Bloom, 28 November 2010
"After a bit of distance ... I can appreciate Butala's emotional journey, in spite of her sometimes-eye-roll-inducing self-analysis."


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