Review Roundup #12

The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway
“Galloway's prose is clean, sharp, and sparing, as if in the face of death and destruction, each word matters.” JK, The Keepin' It Real Book Club, 25 May 2009
Fall by Colin McAdam
“Colin McAdam offers a unique look at teenage angst.” Marie, Daisy's Book Journal, 9 May 2009
No Great Mischief by Alistair Macleod
“As such, the story progressed at a relatively slow pace sometimes, but I enjoyed being taken along the narrator's stroll down memory lane.” Tanabata, In Spring It is the Dawn, 30 May 2009
Do or Die by Barbara Fradkin
“I felt comfortable with Inspector Green and look forward to reading more about him and his future cases.” Heather, Books and Quilts, 11 May 2009
The View from Castle Rock by Alice Munro
“ is both atypical and typical of her work...” Kevin, KevinfromCanada, 2 June 2009
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