Review Roundup #5

One Lonely Degree by C.K. Kelly Martin
“...decent and entertaining read that many teens will be able to relate to.” Reader Rabbit: A Book Site, 24 May 2009
Larry's Party by Carol Shields
“I like it that Shields left readers something to mull over.” Bybee, Naked Without Books!, 23 May 2009
Help Me, Jacques Cousteau by Gil Adamson
“I fell a little bit in love with [...] Hazel for her rough and tumble time with adolescence and the pains that accompany growing up...” Ragdoll, My Tragic Right Hip, 26 May 2009
The Quilt of Belonging by Janice Weaver
“This book is a great introduction to the quilt for children.” Jo-Ann, My Book and Bead Challenges, 13 May 2009
An Earthly Knight by Janet McNaughton
“With elements of romance, drama, and adventure, this novel is one I would recommend to any teen...” Mrs Peachtree, 22 January 2009
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