Review Roundup #24

Gold Digger by Vicki Delany
“Of all the light mysteries I've read lately, this one was the most fun.” barefootheart, Willow House Chronicles, 29 June 2009
1892 by Paul Butler
“1892 is a perfect mystery to read on a hot, sticky night.” Chris, book-a-rama, 26 June 2009
Making Light of Tragedy by Jessica Grant
“I found many of them charming, amusing and original.” Melanie, The Indextrious Reader, 28 June 2009
Having Faith in the Polar Girls' Prison by Cathleen With
“I did, however, overcome my resistance to the language and was eventually drawn into the plot.” Debbie Mutford, 28 June 2009
Moral Disorder by Margaret Atwood
“They describe ordinary events in a woman's life, but manage to impart so much significance to them, and do it in an entertaining way.” Jo, Peachybooks, 29 June 2009
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