Review Roundup #26

No Previous Experience by Elspeth Cameron
“ seems to me that the importance of women's bonds is the underlying pulse of Cameron's story...” Cheese, The Keepin' It Real Book Club, 14 July 2009
The Incident Report by Martha Baillie
“A fascinating and original book which I am glad to have come across.” Melanie, The Indextrious Reader, 15 July 2009
Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet by Joanne Proulx
“Overall a satisfying story that helped get me out of my rut.” Scott, Scooter Chronicles, 14 July 2009
Dragon Seer by Janet McNaughton
“While this is a teen novel, there is enough development of the main characters to keep an adult enthused and reading.” Heather, Books and Quilts, 16 July 2009
The Lost Garden by Helen Humphreys
“...[eschews] the epic sweep of the war novel to focus, in this case, on those who wait...” Geranium Cat's Bookshelf, 17 July 2009
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