Review Roundup #39

Sooner by Margaret Christakos
“I sensed an engagement both with life and with language.” Michael Bryson, Underground Book Club, 24 July 2009
Tiger's New Cowboy Boots by Irene Morck
“I was surprised by how much my children and I have come to love this story.” Jennifer, Quiverfull Family, 26 July 2009
Miss Match by Sara Mills
“There is true suspense here, saturated in interconnected mystery, heart-in-one’s-throat moments and a whopper surprise at the end.” Rachel, The Thinking Girl's Guide to Christian Fiction, 5 August 2009
The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
“I quite enjoyed this book as I came to it without any expectations.” Scrat, 4 August 2009
Always Fresh by Ron Joyce
“It wasn't too deep or detailed ... just right for me.” Teena, It's all about me!, 3 August 2009
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