Twitter Links: April 6 to April 26, 2014

A Difficult Beauty by David Groulx
"brilliant writing style" – Steven, The Library of Pacific Tranquility
The View From a Kite by Maureen Hull
"I would recommend this book mostly as a historical piece" – Amy, Amy's Marathon of Books
Somewhere In-Between by Donna Milner
"a beautifully tense and poignant story" – Jackie, Literary Hoarders
Rabbit Ears by Maggie de Vries
"sensitive and authentic narrative" – Melissa, YA Book Shelf
The Imposter Bride by Nancy Richler
"I love a story filled with family secrets" – Meg, A Bookish Affair
Daughters are Forever by Lee Maracle
"What a wonderfully enlightening book this would be for Canada to read!" – Sandra, Reader Woman
Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese
"finely constructed and powerful" – Melwyk, The Indextrious Reader

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