The Gravesavers


Author: Sheree Fitch

Published: 2005

Genre: Young adult

About The Gravesavers: A young girl helps her grandmother protect the graves of people lost in a shipwreck.

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Review of The Gravesavers

What I want to say in my speech is: everything. I've got this hankering, as Harv would say, a notion to tell the whole story. I want to tell John Hindley's story. He can't tell it himself because he's dead. Kaput. History. Long gone—in a manner of speaking.

But the whole truth and nothing but the truth cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye is a slippery thing. That's why, after I'm introduced, I'll be telling all these good folks a big fat whopping lie. For their own protection.

...from pages 1-2

The Gravesavers is about a young 12-year-old girl. Cinnamon Hotchkiss is her name but she prefers Minn. Minn packs up her things and heads to Boulder Basin to spend the summer with her grandmother. Minn isn't a fan of her grandma due to past experiences. But Minn and her grandma put their differences aside in order to save the graves of those who died in the tragic crash of the S.S. Atlantic.

I liked The Gravesavers. It was very interesting and had a unique storyline. Minn's story was unlike any I've ever read. I'd recommend this book to probably more of an adult or teen crowd, considering that the book is, in my opinion, one that older people would enjoy more than young people.

Reviewed by KB, age 14, on 25 January 2009.

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Marsha Skrypuch, CM Magazine, 2 September 2005
“The Gravesavers is a new Canadian classic. Bravo!”
Laurie Thayer, Rambles, 4 August 2007
“Minn is an engaging narrator and fun character to follow.”
Janet A., Reading Log, 26 January 2009
“This is a great book which provides a good ghost story along with Nova Scotian history.”


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