Author: Bill Gaston

Published: 2006

Genre: Short stories

About Gargoyles: Collection of twelve short stories.

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  1. Wrathful
    • The Night Window
    • Gargoyles
    • The Kite Trick
    • Forms in Winter
  2. Beneficent
    • The Beast Waters His Garden of a Summer's Eve
    • Freedom
    • A Work-in-Progress
    • Honouring Honey
  3. Mercurial
    • Point No Point
    • The Walk
    • The Green House
    • The Gods Take Off Their Shirts

Reviews of Gargoyles

Alex Good, Quill & Quire, September 2006
“Though Gaston occasionally overplays his hand in their construction, these stories demonstrate a remarkable range of subject matter and tone.”
‘Exorcising Demons.’ Cherie Thiessen, January Magazine, November 2006
“Irreverent, witty, relentless and roguish, he gets right in there, in the process snaffling as many male as female readers.”
Aaron, InkNoire, 31 December 2006
“Gaston's gargoyles, his characters, surface as oddly noble creatures, creatures of the everyday world, familiar yet interiorly muted, forcing all their feelings, frozen in a howl.”
Charlene Martel, The Literary Word, 9 July 2007
“The author has a great way with words and is a master of storytelling.”


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