Author: Helen Humphreys

Published: 2008

Genre: Fiction

About Coventry: A widow helps a young man search for his mother after their town is bombed during WWII.

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Reviews of Coventry

Sparrow52, Still Waters, 16 September 2008
“This book was not my favourite of hers, though it was powerful in sections and full of the imagery that I so admire in her books.”
Dana Hansen, Quill & Quire, September 2008
“Humphreys' poetic language and imagery, though at times seemingly at odds with the narrative, frequently bring to vivid life the brutality and violence of that night in 1940.”
Dar, Peeking Between the Pages, 7 November 2008
“I absolutely recommend this novel.”
Adam Haslett, NY Times, 12 March 2009
“Had Humphreys allowed her characters to be knocked off their paths more frequently [...] her quick shifts between the present and the recollected past might have achieved a more revealing counterpoint.”
Anna, Diary of an Eccentric, 3 April 2009
“While I wish I could have had more time with the characters, the little time I had with them was precious, and I didn't feel as though she needed to say more.”
Corey Redekop, Shelf Monkey, 17 April 2009
“Coventry is an often stunning novel, a crystal-clear evocation of things lost and found again under extraordinary circumstances.”
Nicholas Hogg, Bookslut, April 2009
“...a deft study of love, loss and remembrance...”
Jennifer, The Literate Housewife Review, 7 May 2009
“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Coventry.”
Meghan, Medieval Bookworm, 18 August 2010
“compelling, breathtaking, and heartbreaking”


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