Life of Pi


Author: Yann Martel

Published: 2001

About Life of Pi: A 16-year-old boy is cast adrift in a lifeboat with four animals from his parents' zoo.

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Reviews of Life of Pi

Nathan Whitlock, Quill & Quire, August 2001
"audacious, exhilarating, frustrating"
Justine Jordan, The Guardian, 25 May 2002
"Despite the extraordinary premise and literary playfulness, one reads Life of Pi not so much as an allegory or magical-realist fable, but as an edge-of-seat adventure."
Tim Adams, The Observer, 26 May 2002
"Martel has large amounts of intellectual fun with outrageous fable."
Jonathan Kiefer, San Francisco Chronicle, 23 June 2002
"his story is the sort of novel one might share with one's children (of appropriate age), confident in its power to nudge them toward becoming properly curious lovers of books and life"
Gary Krist, New York Times, 7 July 2002
"He writes with a playful and discursive casualness, but that doesn't prevent him from delivering some arresting descriptions."
Suzy Hansen, Salon, 1 August 2002
"beautifully fantastical and spirited rendering"
Phoebe Kate Foster, PopMatters, 4 September 2002
"Its style is elegant but reader-friendly and highly informative on such a vast number of topics that it rather boggles the mind."
Margaret Gunning, January Magazine, December 2002
"made me laugh out loud, stood my hair on end and inspired marvel"
Kerry On Can Lit, 13 November 2010


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