The Mob


Author: Clem Martini

Published: 2004

Genre: Young adult

About The Mob: The annual gathering of a flock of crows is disturbed by unexpected events. Book one of Feather and Bone: The Crow Chronicles.

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Review of The Mob

Every year a flock of crows called "the Family" go to a gathering tree for what's called migration. When young Kyp organises an unapproved mob as revenge on a cat, he gets in big trouble. This shakes the entire Family, which ruins the rejoicing and good times that normally occur at the gathering. Later when a fierce blizzard appears it messes up the gathering even more.

Now, all of you, rest your wing, still your feather, calm your beak. As is our custom, and with the blessing of the Maker, I'll tell it to you as it happened, word for sacred word.

I'll begin by saying that in all my thirty-eight springs, and all my thirty-eight winters, in all the time I have flown up the western seacoast, through the great midlands and here between the great northern plains and the forest, never have I seen such trouble strike the Family.

And experiencing that trouble was nearly the end of us.

...from page 11

The Mob is told from the perspective of a crow. I have never read any book like it before. I thought that it was well written. The way it was written was like an elder crow telling the story of this past gathering to several younger crows. As well I think that was appropriate because if the mob hadn't happened, certain events wouldn't have occurred. I would recommend this book to anyone who either is a fan of any kind of book or is bored with the type of books they read and want change. Also this book is the first book of The Crow Chronicles so yes there are more books. Overall it was good.

Reviewed by KB, age 14, on 3 August 2008.

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“...if readers of The Mob persevere they will be the richer.”
The Book Fiend, On the Shelf, 19 August 2006
“...this unusual approach works really well in drawing the reader into the flock and seeing things from a birds-eye view.”


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