The Plague


Author: Clem Martini

Published: 2005

Genre: Young adult

About The Plague: A plague has killed many crows and Kym has been captured by humans. Book two of Feather and Bone: The Crow Chronicles.

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Review of The Plague

Draw in, find your place on the branch and know this: Dreams are sacred.

When we sleep, we see life as the Maker first saw us. We are, after all, what the Maker dreamed in her long night alone. The stories revealed to us when we dream, then, aren't just images shaped by night and mist, but things we must grasp and remember. Once we wake, who knows what action we will be directed to take?

Cousins, listen! Some of the things I will tell you I have lived.

Some of the things I will tell you I have dreamed.

Some of the things I will tell you may have dreamed me.

And that may make them all the truer.

...from pages 9-10

The Plague is the second installment in the Feather and Bone trilogy. Kyp and Kym are choosers of their clan in this thrilling addition.

A great plague hits. There are dead crows everywhere and Kym gets captured. It's all up to Kyp to save her. Kyp embarks on a journey, meeting crows along the way. Can Kyp defeat not only the elements but also the plague?

I thought The Plague was a very good addition to the trilogy. It had a whole new plot with whole new twists. I'd recommend this to anyone who has read The Mob even if they didn't like it. Overall this book is good and highly recommended.

Reviewed by KB, age 14, on 25 January 2009.

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Michelle Superle, 25 November 2005, CM Magazine
“As well as being a beautifully written story full of exciting action and adventure, The Plague is a philosophical exploration of interrelationships, truth, perseverance and the meaning of life.”


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