Author: Norah McClintock

Published: 2008

Genre: Young adult, mystery

About Marked: Colin gets a summer job cleaning up graffiti in the neighbourhood but strange marks keep appearing where he cleans.

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Review of Marked

Marked is about a young teenager named Colin. Colin had been in some trouble in the past and doesn't want to see that disappointed look on his mother's face ever again. So Colin gets a job. His former social worker, Dave Marsh, hooks him up with a job cleaning up local graffiti.

Monday morning I woke up to the sound of the phone. It was Dave Marsh. He told me where to take my résumé, who to talk to, even what to say. He said he'd already talked to the man in charge.

"He's expecting your call, Colin," he said. "He's looking for reliable kids, and he's definitely interested in meeting you."

Then he scared me a little.

"As far as I can tell, this job is yours, Colin—unless you do something to mess it up."

...from pages 5-6

When funny-looking graffiti marks appear at the spots he cleans, Colin gets suspicious. And when burglaries happen near where he works, Colin starts to worry that he will see that disappointed look on his mother's face again.

Marked is one of Norah McClintock's newest books. It's a very quick and interesting read and I enjoyed it. It's a lot different from Norah's other books in ways and similar in other ways. Different because it's not part of a series nor much of a mystery. Similar because it always has this way to keep you reading. Norah's books are like that. I'd recommend it to pretty much anyone because, in my opinion, it's a book that everyone can enjoy.

Reviewed by KB, age 14, on 2 September 2008.

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Deborah Mervold, CM Magazine, 13 June 2008
“The writing, characters, plot, language, all add to the engaging story on a contemporary topic.”


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