Shadow of Doubt


Author: Norah McClintock

Published: 2008

Genre: Young adult, mystery

About Shadow of Doubt: Robyn tries to find out who sent her teacher a mysterious package. The fifth book in the Robyn Hunter series.

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Review of Shadow of Doubt

Shadow of Doubt is the fifth installment in the Robyn Hunter mystery series. In this book, Robyn has two mysteries to solve. First, Nick is still missing and Robyn begins to doubt his love for her. The other mystery is that her substitute teacher receives a very mysterious gift from an anonymous source. Robyn seems to have a lot of mysteries on her hands and someone's life may just be in danger but Robyn can't decide whose life is in more danger: hers or her teacher's.

He said the date and the time and who was in the room — which was just the two of us — and then he said, "I want you to tell me everything you can remember about the events leading up to today."

"Everything?" I said. That covered a lot of territory.

"Everything," Charlie Hart said. He sat forward in his chair and watched me with sharp eyes that reminded me of my father's. My father used to be a cop. Charlie Hart still was a cop.

...from page 2

To be honest I thought that the fourth book was the last one in this series. I say this because the way it ended didn't really give the hint you'd expect to tell you there'd be another book. I do think that the book was indeed a good edition although I would have liked a better ending to the fourth to tell us that the series isn't over.

One of the reasons why I thought the book was a good edition is that the author included characters more that really didn't have much of a part in some of the other books. For example, Robyn's mother and her boyfriend Ted are included much more in this book than in the others. I thought that was a smart move on the author's part. I think the main idea is that although love may seem distant it can be just before your eyes. I thought the ending was very well done because it concluded one mystery but expanded the other by a lot.

I'd recommend this book to people who like a book that, although you may think it's an ok book, it bounces back and changes your opinion of the beginning from "ok" to "holy, didn't see that one coming". Overall the book was very good and I hope the author will expand the series some more.

Reviewed by KB, age 14, on 25 July 2008.

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