The Winter Vault


Author: Anne Michaels

Published: 2008

About The Winter Vault: A tragic event during the construction of the Aswan dam causes problems for a Toronto couple.

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Reviews of The Winter Vault

Adair Brouwer, Quill & Quire, March 2009
"Some people will love all that writerly fulsomeness; others might admire the writer's vision, but long for more room to breathe."
KevinfromCanada, 6 March 2009
"I must say I regard it as a noble failure"
Steven Hayward, Globe & Mail, 4 April 2009
"it remains at bottom a deeply affecting love story about intimacies and distances that grow, shift and dissolve between people"
Alison Pick, The Walrus, May 2009
"it is a thing of beauty unto itself, with pleasures and merits of its own"
Boyd Tonkin, The Independent, 29 May 2009
"she guides us to the top of some extraordinary peaks of feeling and perception"
Barefootheart, Willow House Chronicles, 31 August 2009
"Perhaps I'm unsympathetic, but Jean began to wear on me."
Kate's Bookcase, 22 September 2009
"But I guess that I like plot too much, and that is what this book is missing."
Trevor, The Mookse and the Gripes, 17 October 2009
"I became very frustrated with the meandering threads that drifted further and further from the solid foundation established in Part I."


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