Anil's Ghost


Anil's Ghost

Author: Michael Ondaatje

Published: 2000

Genre: Fiction

About Anil's Ghost: Forensic anthropologist Anil Tissera returns to her native Sri Lanka to investigate possible political murders.

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‘Ondaatje's Cathartic Vision.’ Andrea MacPherson, January Magazine, May 2000.
“At times, the characters and their tenuous lives seem forgotten in the mass of plot and politics...”
‘Unearthing the Tragedies of Civil War in Sri Lanka.’ Janet Maslin, NY Times, 11 May 2000.
“The book's real strengths lie in its profound sense of outrage, the shimmering intensity of its descriptive language and the mysterious beauty of its geography...”
Lopa Patel,
“...neither a new form nor a compelling read”
Siddharth Singh, South Asian Women's Forum, 21 August 2000.
“Truly a literary masterpiece.”
Zaheera Jiwaji, The Charlotte Austin Review, 2000.
“Ondaatje has done it again.”
Shona Bagley, Sunday Times (South Africa), August 2001.
“...a commanding read.”
Amanda Eyre Ward, Austin Chronicle, 5 May 2000.
“Though Ondaatje's stories may not always follow logically, the words are carefully chosen and brilliant.”
Dahlia and Balu, So Uncool, 3 January 2008
“This book is a pleasurable read, and goes deep.”


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