Cigar Box Banjo


Author: Paul Quarrington

Published: 2010

Subtitle: Notes on Music and Life

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Reviews of Cigar Box Banjo

Mark Kingwell, Globe and Mail, 28 May 2010
"Sad, funny and wise – the writer's trifecta."
Philip Marchand, The Afterword, 29 May 2010
"In general, the memoir is full of those qualities that aroused such love for the man – the good humour, the lack of pretentiousness, the warmth, the generosity, the grit he demonstrated in pursuing his art."
Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star, 5 June 2010
"funny, perceptive and sometimes, oftentimes, blushingly self-deprecating"
Zachary Houle, PopMatters, 17 June 2010
"It's a rollicking ride across musical genres and time, one that shows its author trying to squeeze every ounce of life onto its pages."
Robert J. Wiersema,, 28 June 2010
"the perfect testament to the man, and to his work"
James Grainger, Quill & Quire, July 2010
"though it contains its share of reflections on mortality, illness, and taking stock, it is by and large a thoroughly affirmative and unsentimental journey"


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