Author: Paul Quarrington

Published: 2004

Genre: Fiction

About Galveston: A group of people gather on an island to await a hurricane.

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On Dampier Cay, a tiny island in the Caribbean, some residents and some tourists are expecting a big storm.

There are three more people to meet. These people came neither by chance nor by design—or perhaps more accurately, by a combination of the two. What I'm getting at is that these three came because Dampier Cay was where it was, and they had reason to believe they might encounter something there, something most people take great measures to avoid.

...from page 5

The three are sad Beverly with her scandalous past, directionless Caldwell whose lottery win came at a price, and annoying Jimmy Newton, self-proclaimed Mr. Weather.

It wasn't a particularly funny book, as I'd been led to believe by the blurbs, but the biggest problem was that I didn't care about the characters. Ok, I cared about Maywell but the rest? Not at all. Whether they survived the hurricane or not made no difference to me so the ending lost a lot of its punch. On the plus side, the descriptions of the hurricane were good (not that I've ever been in one) and the book was a quick read. But, overall, I was underwhelmed.

Reviewed by Lynn Bornath.

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‘Galling Galveston.’ Susan G. Cole, NOW Magazine, November 2004.
“...supposed to be a study of obsession, but it offers little insight into what drives these people.”
‘Seriousness amid absurdity.’ Lisa Blahey, The Fulcrum.
Galveston’s greatest strength resides in its ability to be both sympathetic to its characters and boldly graphic in its images and descriptions...”


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