Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast


Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast

Author: Bill Richardson

Published: 1993

Genre: Humour

About Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast: Fraternal twins Hector and Virgil share stories about the guests at their island bed and breakfast. Richardson originally presented these stories on CBC Radio.

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Nan, Letters from a Hill Farm, 5 December 2007
“But still, when I began I kind of wondered, would the words hold me in their thrall as they have in the past? Well, yes, without a doubt.”
Pooker3, 7 January 2008
“It was a take your pantihose off, put on your slippersocks and ratty old robe kind of read for me. And that's all good.”
Julie Bowerman, Rambles.
“The tales are vivid and poignant, human and hilarious.”


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