Y in the Shadows


Author: Karen Rivers

Published: 2008

Genre: Young adult

About Y in the Shadows: Yale discovers that she has the ability to disappear.

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Review of Y in the Shadows

It started with something unimaginable. Something more like a punchline to a really bad joke than a real possibility, you know? Something that you'd see in some kind of cheesy spoof movie, over-the-top and gut-churningly dumb. And it happened to me. It did. Now when I think about it, it seems surreal. Like a nightmare. It's so overwhelmingly, devastatingly, embarrassingly bad that I can hardly bring myself to tell. It's beyond humiliating. Beyond anything.

...from page 3

Yale is alone. She doesn't really have any friends or a group to hang with. Sometimes it's almost as if she's invisible. And then something miraculous happens. She CAN be invisible, just disappear and hide in the shadows. Yale is confused yet intrigued by her new ability. She trains with it, masters it, and likes it. But sometimes this new ability gets her into trouble.

I liked Y. I thought that it was very unique giving Y an ability. Plus the way it affected her life and the lives of those around her. I'd recommend this novel to an older crowd considering that there is a little content and swearing.

Reviewed by KB, age 14, on 25 January 2009.

Find this book at Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, AbeBooks.com

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Thom Knutson, CM Magazine, 12 September 2008
“Give this story to those who explore questions of physical and emotional appearances and self-identity. Which is probably most of us.”
Kristina, Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer?, 29 August 2008
“Honestly, I'm 99.9999% sure that I've never read anything that was written in such a way.”


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