The Terminal Experiment


Author: Robert J. Sawyer

Published: 1995

Genre: Science fiction

About The Terminal Experiment: A scientist creates three self-aware simulations of himself.

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Reviews of The Terminal Experiment

T. M. Wagner, SF, 1999
"This is indeed a swell and highly recommended piece of entertainment."
Jesse Willis, SFFaudio, 4 June 2003
"absolutely original, thoroughly engaging and certainly the best audiobook I've listened to this year."
Harvey Molloy, molloy notebook, 2 February 2006
"a fast-paced science fiction thriller"
Russ Allbery, 12 March 2007
"I hated the characters, didn't believe the plot, found the book painful to read at the sentence level"
Larry Ketchersid, Dusk Before the Dawn, 7 May 2007
"a good read, with nice pacing"


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