At a Loss for Words


Subtitle: A Post-Romantic Novel

Author: Diane Schoemperlen

Published: 2008

Genre: Fiction

About At a Loss for Words: A writer runs into a former lover at one of her readings.

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Mary Soderstrom, Quill & Quire, January 2008
“This a book for those who love words, particularly those who have also loved a person in vain.”
Corey Redekop, Shelf Monkey, 10 February 2008
“...At a Loss for Words, slight as it is, becomes a chore to finish.”
Jonita, The Book Chick, 26 February 2008
“All in all it was a short, sweet read. It's not overly bitter, it's not sappy.”
‘Hardly at a loss for words Diane Schoemperlen turns a tale of spurned love into a literary frolic.’ Carla Maria Lucchetta, Ottawa Citizen, 2 March 2008
“...includes a whole lot of fun and frolic with words, no matter how sad the tale within.”
Kerry, Pickle Me This, 29 March 2008
“Most essentially though, At a Loss for Words is an exercise in revenge and herein lies its triumph.”
happyanddandy, BCF Book Reviews, 9 July 2008
“I did enjoy the author's flow of words and the piecemeal revelation of small bites of information...”


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