Red Plaid Shirt


Red Plaid Shirt

Author: Diane Schoemperlen

Published: 2002

About Red Plaid Shirt: Collection of 21 short stories, some previously published.

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  1. Losing Ground
  2. This Town
  3. Frogs
  4. Hockey Night in Canada
  5. Clues
  6. Tickets to Spain
  7. A Simple Story
  8. The Man of My Dreams
  9. In a Dark Season
  10. Red Plaid Shirt
  11. Stranger Than Fiction
  12. Railroading or: Twelve Small Stories with the Word Train in the Title
  13. The Look of the Lightning, the Sound of the Birds
  14. Mastering Effective English (A Linguistic Fable)
  15. Nothing Happens
  16. A Change is as Good as a Rest
  17. The Antonyms of Fiction
  18. Weights and Measures
  19. Forms of Devotion
  20. How Deep is the River?
  21. Five Small Rooms (A Murder Mystery)


Bronwyn Drainie, Quill & Quire, June 2002
“This story collection helps chart the journey of a challenging and consistently interesting writer.”


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