Red Means Run


Author: Brad Smith

Published: 2012

About Red Means Run: A lawyer is murdered and the cops suspect the man who threatened him only days before. The first book in the Virgil Cain mystery series.

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Review of Red Means Run

A successful lawyer is murdered while playing golf and an overzealous cop arrests Virgil Cain because he threatened the lawyer only days before. Problem is, Cain didn't do it and he needs to get out of jail to find the killer himself.

I liked everything about this book. The mystery was good, the writing was great, and most of the characters were interesting and complex. The main character, Virgil Cain, was charming and laid-back with a dry sense of humour that I really enjoyed. The main cop, Claire Marchand, was messed up enough to be interesting while still being strong and good at her job. The book was easy to read and I can't wait for more from this series. Recommended.

Reviewed by Lynn Bornath. Thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada for the review copy.

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Fictionophile, 2 January 2012
"Be prepared to find yourself reading well into the wee hours"
Luanne, A Bookworm's World, 8 January 2012
"a plot that is fun, fast and furious"
Adam Nayman, The Afterword, 27 January 2012
"Smith's talent, which is not a minor one, is for sketching characters who are substantive enough to survive being shuffled like game pieces around a board."
Alex Good, Quill & Quire, January 2012
"this kind of literary comfort food is what one expects from franchise genre fiction"
The House of Crime and Mystery, January 2012
"These characters are alive on the page thanks to great dialogues"
T.F. Rigelhof, Globe and Mail, 5 February 2012
"[Cain is] as unpredictable and entertaining as those Elmore Leonard characters who find mostly wrong ways of doing the right thing."
Mary Jo Anderson, The Chronicle Herald, 19 February 2012
"Red Means Run is proof that Smith can make a reader run to the bookstore."
Chrisbookarama, 19 March 2012
"Brad Smith knows how to create chemistry on the page."


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