Dead Politician Society


Author: Robin Spano

Published: 2010

Genre: Mystery

About Dead Politician Society: A rookie cop goes undercover as a university student to find out who poisoned the mayor of Toronto.

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Reviews of Dead Politician Society

Melissa, Spellbound by Books, 15 September 2010
"Robin has done a brilliant job in creating strong, unique characters."
Casey, The Bookish Type, 22 September 2010
"the best kind of mystery, full of endless possibilities"
Steph, Bella's Bookshelves, 24 October 2010
"Mysteries are likely the hardest genre to write, and I constantly admired Spano's ability as a rookie author to tackle the genre well."
Leanna, Daisy Chain Book Reviews, 16 November 2010
"Despite the serious subject matter though, this is a quick, fun read. It's not steeped in political jargon, and the prose flows at an exciting pace."


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