Author: Alissa York

Published: 2010

About Fauna: A wildlife officer on stress leave discovers a makeshift animal shelter in Toronto.

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Reviews of Fauna

Hubert O'Hearn, By the Book Reviews, 2 July 2010
"Perhaps its' just me, but I do like a little action, conflict and resolution baked into my novels and I'm not sure if Fauna quite delivers that"
J.C. Sutcliffe, Globe and Mail, 29 July 2010
"This rich novel is layered with astonishing detail, with every location vividly evoked and every action a visceral experience."
Deanna McFadden, My Tragic Right Hip, 2 September 2010
"Good lord I fell hard for this novel, for the author's imagination"
Vicki Ziegler, Bookgaga, 16 September 2010
"This multi-layered approach is only occasionally an impediment to this otherwise engrossing novel"
Kerry Clare, Quill & Quire, September 2010
"an extraordinary novel"
Janet, Reading for the Joy of It, 14 November 2010
"It is a gorgeous book both inside and out"


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