Sitting Practice


Author: Caroline Adderson

Published: 2003

About Sitting Practice: A car accident changes everything for a pair of newlyweds when one of them is paralyzed.

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Reviews of Sitting Practice

Charlie Lee-Potter, The Independent, 14 September 2003
"Adderson does it so well that few could match it for skill and wisdom."
Margaret Gunning, January Magazine, November 2003
"finely-tuned, perceptive prose"
Jincy Willett, New York Times, 18 May 2008
"surprising, generously realized characters"
Lit Chick, Rants, Raves and Irrvelevant Thoughts, 3 July 2010
"a phenomenal (if at times, hard to follow) job of vividly chronicling the way one event can rip through the thread that binds our lives together and what happens without that thread to keep everything in its place."


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