Too Much Happiness


Author: Alice Munro

Published: 2009

Genre: Short stories

About Too Much Happiness: Collection of ten short stories.

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  1. Dimensions
  2. Fiction
  3. Wenlock Edge
  4. Deep-Holes
  5. Free Radicals
  6. Face
  7. Some Women
  8. Child's Play
  9. Wood
  10. Too Much Happiness


Reviews of Too Much Happiness

Kevin, KevinfromCanada, 25 August 2009
"Alice Munro is not perfect, but she is as close to it as any author writing today."
Kerry Clare, Pickle Me This, 13 September 2009
"But I was also struck by the scope of many of the stories here themselves, how they begin at a fixed point, and then suddenly zoom far out to show the perspective, and hindsight, of an entire lifetime."
Kate's Bookcase, 7 October 2009
"So I guess if you are a Munro fan (as I am), you will probably enjoy this newest collection"
Monica, Monniblog, 12 November 2009
"If you like short stories, these are very compelling and leave you wanting for more."


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