To S—— M——

Charles G.D. Roberts

The disciple of Master Herrick returneth thanks for the gift of a band of pansies for his hat.


Never poet
From Musaeus down,
Crowned with rose, or myrtle-wreath, or laurel,
Had of daintier hand
Dearer trophy!
Therefore (know it,
Castaly! and, Daphne's lover, quarrel!)
I for crown
Flout the bay and wear thy pansy-band,
Mistress Sophie.


As these petals
Die not,
So the thought that settles
Softly in the purple petals
Fly not!
Half a memory, which a world of men
Can buy not,—
Half a prayer, that till we meet again
Thou sigh not!

From In Divers Tones.

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Added 23 November 2008.
Updated 23 November 2008.