Indigenous Beasts


Author: Nathan Sellyn

Published: 2006

About Indigenous Beasts: Collection of fourteen short stories.

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  1. Cleaning Up
  2. The Helmet
  3. A Bad Lake for Fishing
  4. Home Movies
  5. Here Be Monsters
  6. A Kind of Dignity
  7. Indigenous Beasts
  8. You Want to Win
  9. Ma Belle
  10. Such Sights to Show You
  11. Going Through Customs
  12. A Routine to These Things
  13. Animals
  14. The Basics of the Species


Review of Indigenous Beasts

Dark, often violent, sometimes disturbing. I enjoyed the book as a whole, some stories more than others obviously. Some of the standouts for me:

In "Here Be Monsters", a man wants revenge for the death of a young woman. This story disturbed me the most. It wasn't the expected violence; it was the bit about the spider at the end. Still makes me shudder.

In "A Kind of Dignity", two Greek restaurant owners share their memories of one of the greatest days of their lives. I thought the dialogue in this story was terrific and it felt very real.

In "Going Through Customs", a man helps a young boy get across the border into Canada. The ending wasn't entirely unexpected but it was still unsettling.

Reviewed by Lynn Bornath on 31 July 2008.

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