The Bone Cage


Author: Angie Abdou

Published: 2007

About The Bone Cage: A swimmer and a wrestler train for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

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Reviews of The Bone Cage

Christine Walde, July 2007, Quill & Quire
"well paced and readable, memorable for its fresh perspective on the lives of athletes and the obstacles they must overcome"
Shelly Sanders, Abilene Christian University, 14 August 2008
"perceptive and intelligent novel"
Janet Somerville, Reading for the Joy of It, 11 November 2010
"I found myself admiring Abdou's original figurative language"
Vicki Ziegler, Bookgaga, 21 December 2010
"a good, engaging story with believable characters that either welcomes you with credibility and authenticity to a world you might know, or introduces you unthreateningly to a world you might not"


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