The Outlander


Author: Gil Adamson

Published: 2007

About The Outlander: A young woman kills her husband and then flees from his angry brothers.

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Reviews of The Outlander

Bronwyn Drainie, Quill & Quire, July 2007
"Adamson is an impressive stylist who knows how to keep an unlikely story moving at a swift and graceful pace."
Alexander Varty,, 27 September 2007
"we can't help but be swept up in her painful, absurd, and ultimately captivating journey"
Carrie O'Grady, The Guardian, 17 January 2009
"this is a serious, literary book that moves far beyond genre or gender stereotypes."
Melwyk, The Indextrious Reader, 7 April 2009
"I appreciated the skill and talent Adamson brings to the book, but I am not sure that the story fully engaged my imagination or sympathies."
Kate's Bookcase, 28 August 2009
"The book is well paced and interesting, but never seemed real to me."
Kailana, The Written World, 29 September 2009
"I strongly recommend this book!"
Trish, Hey Lady? Whatcha Readin'?, 22 June 2010
"I couldn't find anything remarkable to note for the future."
Monica, Monniblog, 2 July 2010
"although it was a bit open-ended, it didn't leave me feeling unfulfilled"


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