Moral Disorder


Author: Margaret Atwood

Published: 2006

About Moral Disorder: A series of interconnected stories.

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Reviews of Moral Disorder

Kasia Boddy, The Observer, 17 September 2006
"This is a book that, structurally as well as thematically, invites readers to experience the orderly and disorderly beginnings, endings and in betweens of a life. And not in any particular order."
Mary Flanagan, The Independent, 22 September 2006
"a model of distillation, precision, clarity and detail"
Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times, 22 September 2006
"What else it might be, apart from a deeply pleasurable read, is a little ambiguous."
Barking Kitten, 28 September 2006
"an amazing book"
Marion McLeod, New Zealand Listener, 2006
"Her well-wrought tales are packed with brilliant, dazzling phrases."
Barbara Bamberger Scott, 2008
"the author has the art of weaving the teller into the tale and blending the characters into one another's lives so that the end result is something magical"
Heather, Book Addiction, 24 June 2010
"I didn't find the stories themselves to be terribly compelling"
Pauline Finch
"Although we Canadians are known for being generous, my advice is: Don't be too quick to loan this latest Atwood gem out. It's truly a 'keeper.'"


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