Drive-by Saviours


Author: Chris Benjamin

Published: 2010

About Drive-by Saviours: A disillusioned social worker meets an Indonesian restaurant worker with a troubled past.

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Reviews of Drive-by Saviours

Stephen Patrick Clare, Scenes of the Crime, 8 November 2010
"Well-balanced and masterfully crafted with a prose that is both poignant and poised"
Jon Tattrie, Atlantic Books Today, November 2010
"confident proof that great Atlantic Canadian literature need not involve kilts or Cape Breton"
Corey Redekop, Shelf Monkey, 8 January 2011
"Benjamin proves himself a natural"
Alison DeLory, 27 April 2011
"It boldly creates characters that are flawed yet sympathetic, and a plot that is unpredictable, tragic and hopeful."


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