The Second Trial


Author: Rosemarie Boll

Published: 2010

About The Second Trial: Danny goes into hiding with his mother and sister when his abusive father is released from jail.

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Reviews of The Second Trial

Reading Junky's Reading Roost, 13 July 2010
"Readers should appreciate the honest, straight-forward approach in which this novel is presented."
Vicki, Simply Stacie, 17 August 2010
"Although this story is tragic and all too familiar in our society, I really did enjoy it."
The Heart of Dreams, 13 September 2010
"This story is raw and very realistic. An emotional and breakthrough read."
Huai-Yang Lim, CM Magazine, 24 September 2010
"This is where Boll's psychological exploration of Danny is particularly compelling and effective because it illustrates the complexity of dealing with domestic violence from the perspective of someone who has not been affected by it directly."


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