Born With a Tooth


Author: Joseph Boyden

Published: 2001

Genre: Short stories

About Born With a Tooth: Collection of thirteen short stories.

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  • East: Labour
    • Born With a Tooth
    • Shawanagan Bingo Queen
    • You Don't Want to Know What Jenny Two Bears Did

  • South: Ruin
    • Painted Tongue
    • Bearwalker
    • Men Don't Ask

  • West: Running
    • Kumamuk
    • Legend of the Sugar Girl
    • Abitibi Canyon

  • North: Home
    • Legless Joe Versus Black Robe
    • Gasoline
    • God's Children
    • Old Man

Reviews of Born With a Tooth

‘Characters victorious, but book far from uplifting.’ Cheryl Petten, Aboriginal Multi-media Society
“His characters are well put together—real, believable, human.”
Heather Birrell, Quill & Quire, March 2001
“However, as compelling fiction, the collection is uneven, moving in fits and starts.”


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