Latitudes of Melt


Author: Joan Clark

Published: 2000

About Latitudes of Melt: As a baby, Aurora was found in a basket on an ice floe. Now her granddaughter wants to know how she got there.

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Reviews of Latitudes of Melt

Elise Levine, Quill & Quire, September 2000
"The vitality that energizes this novel lies in the chock-a-block telling of the tale."
Annette Kobak, New York Times, 20 January 2002
"a powerful metaphor for what much of North America is built on"
Geranium Cat's Bookshelf, 28 October 2007
"This is a book of considerable beauty."
ExUrbanis, 18 November 2009
"another excellent novel to fill in the history of Newfoundland"


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