Town House


Author: Tish Cohen

Published: 2007

About Town House: An agoraphobic man is about to lose his house.

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Reviews of Town House

Charlene Martel, The Literary Word, 31 July 2007
"It's a great read with many laugh-out-loud moments and it's filled with an unforgettable cast of characters."
Steph, Bella's Bookshelves, 30 May 2010
"The writing is very good, the content often funny, the relationships and interactions between characters, who are often quirky or idiosyncratic, well done."
Steph, Bella's Bookshelves, 30 May 2010
"a gentle but poignant mixture of humour and heart that I found difficult to put down"
Lydia, Novel Escapes, 31 July 2010
"Cohen deftly draws the characters in Town House, making this ensemble of eccentrics unforgettable."


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