The Lives We Lost


Author: Megan Crewe

Published: 2013

About The Lives We Lost: A deadly virus destroyed Kaelyn's island community and now it has escaped the quarantine. Book two of the Fallen World trilogy.

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Review of The Lives We Lost

"There's no help," he said, with a rasp in his voice. "The virus, it ripped right through the country–the States–maybe the whole world. Everything ... everything's fallen apart."

This is what I know: the doctors didn't control the epidemic on the mainland any better than they did here. On the other side of the strait, everybody's just as bad off as we are. No one is coming to fix the electricity or the water, to bring the supplies we need, or to bring about any of the other hopes I'd managed to hold on to.

I started writing in this journal for Leo, to practice saying what I couldn't say to his face. I kept going because I thought it was important to keep track of the awfulness we've been though, to have some sort of record for the rest of the world. But the world I was writing for -- it's lost. The boy I started for looks lost too. So what is the point in writing? A journal isn't going to help me find them.

I have to believe there's something else that will.

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The following is an edited transcript of a discussion between Lynn Bornath and Katey Bornath on 20 March 2013.

LB: This is book two of the Fallen World trilogy. Does it pick up immediately after book one, The Way We Fall?
KB: Not long after, maybe a day. The first book was written totally in journal entries. This one, there is one journal entry and the rest is just regular first-person. In the first book, she had a specific purpose for writing the journal entries. Then when the apocalypse happened, it kinda changed. The journals kept her sane throughout the whole process. Now things are a little bit different.
LB: Have things improved or gotten worse?
KB: Gotten worse. Things are getting better on the island. It's just that they realized that the virus has escaped the quarantine.
LB: Was this book as good as the first one?
KB: I feel like it was a lot less exciting than the first one. In the first one, all this crazy stuff was happening and in this one, it was just at one level for most of it. I kept thinking something crazy was going to happen but no.
LB: Because it's the middle of the trilogy.
KB: Right. It's like the passageway to the next one. The whole purpose of the book is that Kaelyn finds the keys to the research facility and finds the vaccine. They leave the island to see if they can find someone who can manufacture the vaccine.
LB: To save the world.
KB: Right. That's what she keeps saying, we've got to save the world. She's kind of an unlikely hero but that's kinda cool at the same time.
LB: Why is she an unlikely hero?
KB: She's a teenager, who lives in eastern Canada.
LB: What does that have to do with anything? If she was a teenager from New York City...?
KB: Okay, she's not that unlikely. It's just you don't get a lot of Canadian post-apocalyptic novels. I worded that wrong. She's not an unlikely hero.
She's growing up. That has to happen when you're going through something like this. But at the same time she's still the same. Very determined and very caring. People look at her like she's the leader because she knows what she wants and she's going for it. And she's either you come with me or back off and get out of my way. I liked how her caring was all about her family and friends in the first book and I liked how it transferred to the people she meets in this book. How even though she doesn't know them she still looks out for them. I thought it was a very interesting part of her character.
LB: Can you read this one on its own? Can you take it out of the trilogy and read it without having read the first one?
KB: Yeah, you probably could.
LB: Would it make sense?
KB: Yes. She briefly goes over what happens in the first book. The unfortunate thing is that I kind of saw what was going to happen in this book.
LB: Knowing what was going to happen spoiled it for you?
KB: A little bit. I felt like the foreshadowing was a teeny bit too obvious for me.
LB: Because you read a lot.
KB: Yeah, I read a lot. It's kind of hard for a book to surprise me these days. There was some of it though that surprised me, which was good. That kept it interesting. There was an undertone of suspense through a lot of it. There was this constant feeling of exposure and not feeling safe which was kind of cool. It was also realistic in the sense that if this actually happened, this is probably how the world would react. Not necessarily how they should react but probably how they would.
LB: Are you looking forward to reading the third book?
KB: Yes. I am kind of pissed because I got this one four days after it came out and I read it in two days. And I was like oh my God, because I'm going to have to wait like a year for the last one. That was a very bad decision. I want to know how it's going to end! I will say that I have my own idea of how the trilogy should end in one respect.
LB: Are you going to be upset if it doesn't?
KB: No, I won't be surprised either. I'll be really sad and really impressed if it ends the way I want it to. But we'll see. I'm looking forward to it.
LB: Did this book also end on a cliffhanger?
KB: It wasn't a cliffhanger, but they weren't done yet. And there was no sign that where they were headed was going to be good.

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