Douglas Durkin


Douglas Leader Durkin was born in 1884 in Ontario and grew up on a farm there before moving with his family to the Swan River area of Manitoba. He received a B.A. in philosophy and English from the University of Manitoba in 1908, and taught at Brandon College and the University of Manitoba. Durkin moved to New York around 1921 where he was joined by Martha Ostenso. He taught at Columbia University before moving to Gull Lake, Minnesota in 1931. He married Ostenso in 1945, after the death of his first wife, and moved to Seattle in 1963. Durkin died in 1968.

Books by Douglas Durkin

The Fighting Men of Canada (poetry)
The Heart of Cherry McBain (novel)
The Lobstick Trail (novel)
The Magpie (novel)
Mr. Gumble Sits Up (novel)
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