The Best Laid Plans


Author: Terry Fallis

Published: 2008

About The Best Laid Plans: An honest man is accidentally elected to Parliament.

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Reviews of The Best Laid Plans

Monica, Monniblog, 22 January 2011
"It certainly is clever yet still a bit cynical and embodies Canadian citizens with near-perfect satire."
Aaron, The Canadian Book Review, 27 January 2011
"An exposť on the ridiculous behemoth that our democracy has become, The Best Laid Plans should be required reading for all MPs and MLAs/MPPs/MHAs at the beginning of each session."
Steph, Bella's Bookshelves, 2 February 2011
"while the focus is on political satire, there is much more to The Best Laid Plans"
Heather, The Unexpected Twists and Turns, 6 February 2011
"The behind-the-scenes political story was fascinating, believable and humorous."
Jennifer Smith Gray, Quick Brown Fox, 7 June 2011
"engaging, insightful, easy-to-read, well written, and all Canadian"


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