Author: Karin Lowachee

Published: 2003

About Burndive: A troubled young man becomes the target of assassins.

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Reviews of Burndive

Lisa DuMond, SFReader.com, 26 November 2003
"travels on rockets, not leaden footsteps, moving inexorably to either a new chance for humanity or its destruction"
Sherwood Smith, SF Site, 2003
"well-written, emotionally fraught, set in a scary, complex world where no one is quite what they seem"
James Schellenberg, Challenging Destiny, 2003
"might be about adolescents, and about the typical rite of passage trope, but they don't feel like books for adolescents"
Rob H. Bedford, sffworld.com, 12 January 2005
"On the whole, this was a very enjoyable novel and really showcased Lowachee's growing skills in building believable characters."
The Pearls Are Cooling, 16 August 2007
"It's not an easy Bildungsroman , or even a complete one. But it is, perfectly, enough."
MandaBerry's Books, 25 September 2010
"It's very interesting to see another character's point of view on the events that you're already a little familiar with."


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