Author: Karin Lowachee

Published: 2002

About Warchild: An orphan is trained to be an enemy spy.

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Reviews of Warchild

James Schellenberg, Challenging Destiny, 2002
"an interesting, carefully constructed meditation on war and the people caught up in it"
Cindy Lynn Speer, SF Site, 2002
"It's a good book particularly for those who enjoy espionage and deep space adventures with an added psychological complexity."
Emily, Las Risas, 2 May 2010
"one of the most engrossing and heartbreaking books I've ever read"
TJ, Dreams and Speculation, 8 July 2010
"Lowachee managed to spark real life in Jos and Warchild. It's a special book that can do that."
Rebecca, Dirty Sexy Books, 8 August 2010
"It was constantly breaking my heart, but never did I feel that all hope was lost."


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