The Amazing Absorbing Boy


Author: Rabindranath Maharaj

Published: 2010

About The Amazing Absorbing Boy: A 17-year-old boy leaves Trinidad for Toronto to live with the father he's never met.

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Reviews of The Amazing Absorbing Boy

Alex Good, The Star, 24 January 2010
"At heart it is a rich exploration of the immigrant psychodrama of attraction and repulsion, welcome and paranoia, perception and misunderstanding."
Mark Sampson, Quill & Quire, January 2010
"Line for line, Maharaj is a superb stylist, but on the whole this book lacks evidence of planning or a strong vision."
Donna Bailey Nurse, Globe and Mail, 11 February 2010
"Maharaj does offer an exhilarating interpretation of immigrant experience."
Corey Redekop, Shelf Monkey, 5 April 2010
"The Amazing Absorbing Boy is a work easier to admire than to like."


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