What is Stephen Harper Reading?


Author: Yann Martel

Published: 2009

Subtitle: Yann Martel's Recommended Reading for a Prime Minister and Book Lovers of All Stripes

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Reviews of What is Stephen Harper Reading?

Alex Good, Quill & Quire, December 2009
"it should have been fact-checked before going to print. That is, if it really was necessary to go into print at all."
Bruce Meyer, The Globe and Mail, 5 March 2010
"an expression of the power and beauty of the written word"
Jennifer Laidlaw, Guttersnipe, 21 April 2010
"Martel's book has fired up [an] old romance in me; one with dusty, old-smelling pages littered with ideas, experiences, dreams and thoughts captured as only words can do"
Michelle Burtnyk, The Daily Gumboot, 15 July 2010
"we all agreed that Mr. Martel's role as advocate for the arts is so very important to our society - and in this role, he is doing a fantastic job"


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