Author: Catherine McKenzie

Published: 2011

About Arranged: A writer signs on with a service that specializes in arranged marriages.

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Reviews of Arranged

Book Drunkard, 3 January 2011
"I swear you're going to love it as much as I did."
Cindy's Love of Books, 3 January 2011
"I had a hard time putting the book down and when I did it was for the shortest time."
Colleen, Lavender Lines, 3 January 2011
"excellent writing, an amazing plot and stand out characters"
Jonita, The Book Chick, 3 January 2011
"It's light reading, but with enough substance to keep the reader interested and wanting more."
Luanne, A Bookworm's World, 3 January 2011
"What a fun premise for a book."
Christine Gordon Manley, Edwards Magazine Bookclub, 4 January 2011
"What a creative concept McKenzie explores!"
Novel Escapes, 5 January 2011
"Arranged was fast paced, had an intriguing premise and I was drawn immediately into Anne's world."
Marci, Serendipitous Readings, 6 January 2011
"the writing which is always great, wonderfully plotted"
PK Reeves, Aisle B, 17 February 2011
"I will be raving about this one for some time to friends and family everywhere."


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