Marvellous Hairy


Author: Mark A. Rayner

Published: 2009

About: An artist's DNA is altered, turning him into a monkey.

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Reviews of Marvellous Hairy

Corey Redekop, Shelf Monkey, 21 October 2009
"Deeply, unsettlingly weird."
Scott, Scooter Chronicles, 29 November 2009
"Between the events, the characters, the style, it was a very well put together story, and again, very entertaining."
Liz, The Productive Cough, 6 January 2010
"It took under a page for me to realize I had been a fool not to read this sooner."
Mike,, 19 February 2010
"it is such a bizarre barrel of words that you can't help but have fun reading it"
Erin, No. 6, 18 April 2010
"a delightfully bizarre romp"


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